On-the-Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training (OJT), often referred to as the cooperative method of instruction, provides an opportunity for students to gain meaningful paid or unpaid supervised work-based learning experiences in a business or industry setting. The OJT program/course is most often used to supplement classroom instruction in a specific Career and Technical Education program, in order to give students a chance to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in school in a job that correlates to their instructional program.

Students enrolled in an OJT program/course receive high school credit and the school may claim the appropriate FTE or workforce funding to support the instructional program/course. The length of the OJT program/course and the number of multiple credits a student may earn will differ depending on the area. 

OJT Guidelines/Forms To Be Completed

OJT teachers must create and maintain an OJT Folder for each student. The following forms must be kept up-to-date in the folder and readily available for review by District and State personnel.

Curriculum Frameworks and Student Performance Standards

The individual cooperative education program's curriculum frameworks serve as a general teacher's guide and can be obtained by downloading the frameworks from the Florida Department of Education's web site at the links below.

Agriscience Cooperative Education OJT

Jim Politis
(561) 629-8534

Business Cooperative Education OJT

Nicole Ketchem
(561) 357-1177

Cooperative Diversified (DCT) Education OJT

Dr. Jeraline Johnson
(561) 434-8880

Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative OJT

Dr. Sylvia Tricarico
(561) 434-8631

Health Occupations Cooperative Education OJT

Miguel Benavente, M.D.
(561) 969-5827

Industrial Cooperative Education OJT

Jim Politis
(561) 629-8534

Information Technology Cooperative Education OJT

David Atwell
(561) 357-5967

Anthony Asci
(561) 357-5942

Marketing Cooperative Education OJT

Nicole Ketchem
(561) 357-1177

Work Experience, Guided Workplace Learning, and Workplace Essentials

Nicole Ketchem
(561) 357-1177

State Cooperative Education Manual

A manual for planning and implementation of Cooperative Education Programs.

CTE Timeline

Our Mission

Career Education is a planned program of career and technical courses and learning experiences that links educators, businesses and the community in preparing all students with the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and successful  careers in a global society. Our aim is to ensure that every student is properly prepared for postsecondary enrollment and/or smooth transition into the workplace.