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Strategic Plan and Superintendent Search Survey


The Palm Beach County School Board is working through several challenges including seeking a Superintendent of Schools. As part of the process of working through these opportunities, the Board seeks to create and adopt a vision statement for the school district and a leadership vision statement that would assist in the superintendent selection process. It is important the School Board have an aspirational vision with an operational mission. From these statements, planning efforts may begin, be measured and progress reported. The Collins Center for Public Policy (www.collinscenter.org) is working with the Palm Beach County School District to assist in developing:



• A vision for the school district

• A mission for the school district

• A leadership vision statement for the superintendent search; and

• A strategic plan to be implemented by the new school superintendent and administration.


The School Board met in July to workshop these items. Below are the results of that meeting. We ask that you review and comment on the results. Your input will help us in developing a final report to the School Board.


Please rate the proposed VISION STATEMENT:

Please rate the revised MISSION STATEMENT.

Please rate the proposed LEADERSHIP VISION:

BOLD STEPS - The following Bold Steps are identified as priorities by the School Board. Implementing strategies to realize these goals is vital to success.


The Superintendent and school district administration should be prepared to execute the strategic plan of the district. Specifically, immediate focus should be placed on the following:

• Engage all stakeholders

Employees – including teachers, non-instructional staff and administrators

• Support each student – not as a collective unit. Follow, monitor, mentor, provide support Be equitable – helping each student achieve the greatest success possible

• Embrace a concept that empowers and educates parents. Engage parents who are otherwise not supporting students from families that may need special attention:

- With school-based teams

- Awareness/touching base

– 'check their eyes'

- Creating a network for social, emotional and behavioral support

- Tapping community assets including seniors

• Retool budget for allocation to meet the individual needs of students

– no more than 15% across the board cuts

– be analytical about how to allocate limited funds.

• Functional audit - what are we doing? How many are we serving? How much are we spending? Redistribute responsibilities. Have accountability by division – measurable goals and reported

Please rate the proposed BOLD STEPS:

COMMENTS - We are interested in your comments regarding any and all of these efforts.


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