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Please keep in mind that because a quiz appears on this list, it does not mean that the school library has the book. You may need to visit the Palm Beach County library or a city library to obtain the book. Students are not limited to only reading books that appear on this quiz list. Please read the School District of Palm Beach County notice concerning Reading Counts!


Lexile Column

Reading Level Column Words Column Interest Level Column

The book's Lexile text measure.

When no Lexile information is available, the Lexile is shown as -1.

Learn more about Lexiles.

The estimated grade level a student would be enrolled in and be able to comprehend the most difficult passages of the book. However, you should also take into consideration the book's Interest Level, as the book's content may not be suitable for your child.
An estimation of the total number of words in the book. When this information is not available, the word count will appear as -1.
Interest level refers to the maturity level and complexity of a book’s content, ideas, and themes. These levels are set by Scholastic. Obviously, while the book may be of interest to your child, Interest Levels give no indication as to whether or not your child will be able to comprehend the book, which is why Lexiles and Reading Levels will also need to be examined.
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Scholastic Reading Counts! is a commercial reading motivational program. The list of Scholastic Reading Counts! Quizzes spans reading material for grades K through 12 including beginning to adult readers. Titles on this list were selected by Scholastic Inc. not by the School District. Inclusion of a title on this list does not indicate a recommendation or endorsement of the book’s content by the School District of Palm Beach County. Certain books may not be age appropriate when the student is reading at an advanced level and may not meet District criteria within SDPBC Policy 8.12. Further, the Scholastic Reading Counts! quiz list of books should not be considered an exclusive reading list from which students must select their books to read. No school classroom or library media center has all the books found on the Scholastic Reading Counts! Quiz list. District purchased library media center and supplemental classroom instructional materials, on the other hand, adhere to the selection criteria found in SDPBC Policy 8.12. View as PDF.

Lexile is a trademark of MetaMetrics.
Reading Counts is a trademark of Scholastic.

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