Office of Professional Standards

Employee Discipline

Discipline is effective when it is fair, consistent and timely. The goal of disciplinary action is to create better employees and a positive and productive work environment where each employee is treated in a fair and equitable manner.


Who to Call:

Human Resource Managers by Area

Area 1  Bob Pinkos Cell Phone: (561) 644-1470 

PX: 86372

Area 2  Vince Caracciolo Cell Phone: (561) 644-1590

PX 48804

Area 3  Jose Fred Cell Phone: (561) 644-1486

PX 86371

Area 4  Darron Davis  Cell Phone: (561)644-4884

PX: 48953


Area 5  Kenyetta Haywood  Cell Phone: (561) 644-0573

PX: 48026


Diana Burfield, Detective (561) 434-8440 (PX: 48440)

for: Self Reporting of Arrests, Ongoing Investigations and DCF Reporting

Britoni Garson, HR Manager (561) 357-7505 (PX: 47505)

for: Criminal Background Checks on Applicants, Job Abandonments, Drug Free Workplace Violations and Training, Employee Assistance Referrals and General Procedure Help

The Employee Relations Helpline (561) 357-5999 (PX: 25999)

for: Reporting Employee Misconduct or to Get Immediate Assistance

School Police (561) 434-8700 (PX: 48700)

for: Reporting a Crime and all Emergencies