Advisory Committees

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Academic Advisory Committee Members

Serves as an advisory committee to the School Board and Superintendent. The AAC serves the purpose of involving parents, partners, teachers, administrators, employees and volunteers in reviewing the numerous variables that impact upon the District’s ability to provide excellence in education to all of the District’s students and provide them with the knowledge, skills and ethics required for responsible citizenship and productive employment.

Audit Committee

Appointed by the School Board, the Audit Committee provides (1) guidance to the Inspector General, and (2) advice and recommendations to the School Board on matters affecting the adequacy of internal controls, accounting procedures, systems and controls, and financial reporting.

Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC) Members

Advisory Boundary Committee (ABC) is made up of appointed volunteers from the community, who meet on a regular basis to review enrollment projections, demographic trends and proposals for boundary changes per School Board Policies 5.01 and 5.012. During the year, the ABC Committee provides recommendations to the Superintendent. School Board members are responsible for making final decisions about adjusting and/or creating school boundaries.

Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee serves as an advisory committee to the School Board for the purpose of making recommendations regarding the School District's annual budget and any policies and practices that may be relevant to the budgeting process.

Construction Oversight Review Committee (CORC)

Construction Oversight Review Committee (CORC) is a citizen-based committee created to assist the Board by providing oversight and review of, and making recommendations concerning, the Facilities Management's performance in building quality schools on time and within budget.

District Diversity and Equity Committee

This committee serves to assist the Board and Superintendent regarding diversity and equity issues in academic and operational programs of the District. The DDEC was created as an advisory committee to the Board and Superintendent; represents the District's stakeholders with a membership that reflects the diversity of the student population

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee serves as an advisory committee to the School Board. Its mission and membership is consistent with School Board Policy 1.09, "Advisory Committees to the School Board."
The need for a Finance Committee is created by School Board Policy 6.08, "Investment Policy," and is consistent with Florida Statute 218.415, "Local Government Investment Policies."

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)

TAC’s mission is to provide expert knowledge, guidance, and to bring industry best practices to decisions regarding technology infrastructure and strategy. The committee’s responsibility is to gain an understanding of the technology across the School District including the schools. Additionally, TAC reviews and provides feedback on technology contracts for hardware, software, consultants, and training.

ESE Advisory Committee

Advise and assist the ESE Director and the Superintendent in reviewing the current status of Exceptional Student Education, identification of strengths and weaknesses, development of goals and objectives, by recommending priorities for the provision of a free and appropriate public school education in all areas affecting Exceptional Student Education

IROC Independent Referendum Oversight Committee

The Independent Referendum Oversight Committee created as the independent citizens' oversight committee to ensure that the proceeds of the School Board's November 2010 referendum are expended for the specific purposes set forth in the ballot measure or referendum as approved by voters in November 2010.