Highly Qualified Standards Office
In compliance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, the School District of Palm Beach County is committed to hiring teachers who have met the Highly Qualified Teacher Standards for the following core academic subjects: Elementary Education, English/Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Music, Art, Drama and Social Sciences (Political Science, History, Civics and Government, Economics and Geography).


This web site will provide you with information about the requirements for becoming a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT). You will also find information about testing requirements, HQ forms, FL Department of Education and updates regarding HQT compliance.


Highly Qualified Standards Staff
Kim Pirtle
Leonor Diaz
Sr. Analyst

HQ Office



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School District of Palm Beach County Centennial School House


Certification/Highly Qualified Standards Office

School District of Palm Beach County

3300 Forest Hill Blvd, Suite A-152

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HQ Verification Form

Were you deemed HQ in your former school district or state?

If yes, then you should be HQ here in Palm Beach County!

HQ Verification Form

HQ Query How-To

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