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Educational Technology

High School Credit Recovery with E2020

Palm Beach Virtual LogoEducation2020 was selected as the District standard for high school credit recovery in response to the new high school accountability requirements.  Guidance counselors at the local high school enroll students in appropriate E2020 courses and classroom teachers facilitate the courses at the school. Students are able to work at an accelerated pace at school and home allowing them the opportunity to meet their graduation goals. See bulletin SP-1796-SLE/ET/VS or contact Palm Beach Virtual for more information.  

SAT & ACT Virtual Tutor from E2020

In addition to use for high school credit recovery, the District has partnered with Education 2020 to provide Virtual Tutor, a self-directed, interactive course that provides instructional practice for the SAT and ACT exams.  Virtual Tutor is not graded, so students can work independently either at school or at home.
"How To" Virtual Tutor Document

Resources & Support

SDPBC E2020 implementation, training and administration is coordinated by staff from Palm Beach Virtual with direct assistance from E2020: 

**SDPBC E2020 SharePoint access is available to teachers who have completed E2020 training, members of the High School Technology Coordinators group, High School Guidance Counselors, and each High school Assistant Principal for Graduation Rate.