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Reading Counts! Reading Counts! is an incentive based reading program in which students can read a book of interest, whether fiction or non-fiction, and then take a short quiz to test comprehension.  If the student passes the quiz the student earns points which can then be cashed in for a prize or award. For the teacher, there is no need to write quizzes or to be an expert on all the books in the school's media center!



Links to add to your Edline or School Website

Scholastic's Book Expert Online

Using keywords and search filters, parents, students and teachers can quickly find books of interest that are part of Reading Counts.  Users can filter by topic, author, title, interest level, GRL, Lexile, reading levels and more. To add the Book Expert Online to your web page, simply copy and paste the link below into Edline.


Quiz Lists

The Quiz Lists provide a simple list of books that are on Reading Counts. This list will include the book title, author, Lexile, reading level, word count and interest level.

There are six pages to choose from. Each page has a different configuration as to which Interest Levels will appear. Select the page that matches the Interest Levels you have installed and link to that page. The addresses (links) of the pages are provided below - just copy and paste into Edline.

Please note, not all computers will be able to view these quiz lists. The quiz lists use a technology called Java.  Some computers and mobile devices do not have this technology, consequently it is recommended that you also have the link to Scholastic's Book Expert Online, which will work on almost all computers and mobile devices.


All Quizzes (K12)



K-5 Quizzes



K-8 Quizzes



3-12 Quizzes



6-12 Quizzes



9-12 Quizzes




Scholastic Support Pages of Interest


MetaMetrics (the creators of Lexiles) Support Pages of Interest

  • Find a Book by Lexile - Enter your Lexile score or Lexile range, and interests and you'll get a list of books that you may find interesting. Teachers can create printable "book bags" of reading lists for their students.  The database can also be searched by Author, Title and ISBN.


Quiz List Excel Spreadsheet for Download

We do not recommend linking your Edline page for parents/students to the Excel spreadsheet since most consumer PCs will not have Excel; therefore the home user will not be able to open the Excel file. However, you may link your Teachers to this file since your Teacher's PC at school would have Excel. The Excel sheet has the advantage of being easily manipulated, sorted, and even printed.