Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Landscaping the Florida-friendly way means using low maintenance plants and environmentally sustainable practices. Follow these nine principles to create and maintain a Florida-Friendly Landscape:

The District incorporates many of these landscaping concepts into its Civil Design Criteria document (Section "K"). A list of acceptable shrubs and trees, as well as a list of prohibited plants are included.

Links to Florida-Friendly Landscaping Sites

Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service


Florida-Friendly Plant Database

South Florida Water Management District's landscaping site

School Gardens

student volunteers

The School District of Palm Beach County currently has 87 vegetable gardens operating in elementary, middle, high, K-12, and alternative school settings. In addition, schools are operating 80 butterfly gardens, 22 fruit tree orchards, and 12 herb gardens. Thirteen(13) schools currently sell the produce they grow at the front office, at special events, to parents in the car lines and/or to their staff.

School Garden Development Guide (click HERE)

For a list of school gardens, (click HERE).


For further information, please contact Lisa Toy at lisa.toy@palmbeachschools.org.