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What is the McKay Scholarship Program?  The McKay Scholarship Program is a state-funded program which allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the academic setting that is best for their child’s educational needs.  Eligible students may attend a participating private school, another public school in their home district, or a public school in a neighboring district if space is available.

Who is eligible?  To be eligible to receive a McKay Scholarship, a student must:

  • Have an active 504 Plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) which documents a disability,
  • Be at least 5 years old and younger than 22 by September 1 of the scholarship year,
  • Be a Florida public school student, and
  • Have attended public school in Florida during the prior school year (meeting both the October and February FTE counts).

How to apply:  File Intent to Participate on the FLDOE School Choice website

  • Select McKay Scholarships and follow the directions on the screen.
  • When finished, save the confirmation number.  It will be needed to check the application status.
  • The District will post the eligibility status and, if appropriate, the child’s matrix number on the website within 30 days of the filing Intent.   The parent will be notified via e-mail by the DOE, if an address was provided, of receipt of the filing.  The parent is responsible for checking the Intent status.

VERY IMPORTANT:  The Intent must be filed before the child withdraws from public school.

For Public School Option:

Requests for first semester will be accepted April 1st – June 1st of each school year.  Any request received after June 1st will be considered late and will not be processed.

Requests for second semester will be accepted October 1-31st of each school year.  Any request received after October 31st will be considered late and will not be processed.

Please call 561-649-6818 for all public school requests.