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Remember that Title I specialists are available to assist with implementing the Fall Requirements. 

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In order to meet federal requirements, Title I schools must complete several tasks during the first few months of the school year.  Click the "More" link to view resources available to assist with completion.  Note the due dates for each requirement. 

  Title I Annual Meeting

Each Title I school must convene a Title I Annual Meeting inviting and encouraging all parents to attend. Schools may hold their Annual Meeting on the same night as Open House providing that the invitation specifically includes information regarding the Annual Meeting and that the provided Vodcast is used.  An agenda with date, time and required topics of discussion, sign-in sheets and minutes are required. This meeting should be completed by October 30, 2015.


School-Parent Compact

The School-Parent Compact is an agreement between the school, parents, and students outlining the responsibilities of each stakeholder.  During the development of the plan, document parent input by having agendas, sign-in sheets, and minutes.  Evidence of distribution of the final draft to parents is usually documented with a parent signature tear-off at the bottom of the document.  The final copies, in all languages, are to be uploaded in the PIP template no later than September 11, 2015 and to the eBox by October 30, 2015.        More



Parent Involvement Policy/Plan (PIP)

Title I schools, with parents and community members, must jointly develop a Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) outlining activities parents can participate in to support their child’s academic achievement. During the development of the compact, document parent input by having agendas, sign-in sheets, and minutes. The PIP should be submitted on the State online template by September 11, 2015. More



Distribution of LEA PIP

All Title I school districts are required to develop and distribute to parents a Parent Involvement Plan.  This is often referred to as the Local Educational Agency Parent Involvement Plan, or simply, the LEA PIP.  Since this document is lengthy, school districts may create a summary of the LEA PIP for distribution to parents in their native language.  Copies will be distributed to schools for distribution to parents by October 30, 2015.



SIP/SWP Ten Components

Title I schools are required to document the Ten Components in their Title I Schoolwide Plan.  The SIP template is designed to incorporate the components. Title I specialists will be assisting schools to meet compliance.  SIPs are to be approved for Title I Ten Components by September 30, 2015. (Link to SIP/SWP Chat)

SPAR Notification

Title I parents are to be notified in writing that the School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) is available.  A bulletin will be released that outlines the requirements for Title I schools.  Plan to submit the verification to Melissa Shea by October 30, 2015.

Title I Chats

If you need further assistance with these requirements, plan to participate in the Title I Chats on September 3rd and October 1st. The focus of the chats will be to review the Fall Requirements and answer any pending questions. TBA