Technology Procurement

The District is very focused on innovations supporting student achievement both directly and indirectly while assuring that all technology stays aligned with the District’s mission and goals.

The Superintendent’s Technology Committee (STC) established the Technology Clearinghouse Committee (TCC) and charged them with unifying schools and departments technology purchasing decisions therefore reducing duplication, incompatibility, and unnecessary expenditures.

The TCC reviews proposed technology to assure alignment with the District’s mission and goals by examining the product from two distinct perspectives: function and technology.

To view the list of previously reviewed items, Click here

Proposing New Technology
  1. Complete all fields in form PBCSD 2199 as completely as possible. The form is located inside the Information Technology folder in eForms.
  2. Using the form's routing functions, forward the form to your Principal, Director or Area Superintendent for review and their electronic signature.
  3. They should select "Routing Complete" to forward the request to the Technology Clearinghouse Committee for inclusion in the next available meeting agenda.
  4. IT Governance staff will review the form and contact the submitter for additional information if needed.
  5. Wait for a response from the committee chairperson after the next regularly scheduled committee meeting (bimonthly).
  6. When appropriate, the committee may request IT assistance in a deeper technology review.
  7. Please address questions to Please note: TCC will not accept submissions directly from vendors. A sponsoring school or department is required.
Purchasing Standard Technology

If you wish to purchase a District Standard Technology Click here.

Please address questions to Technology Purchasing Agents at 561-434-8231.