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3356 Forest Hill Blvd., A-132 • West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Fax: (561) 357-7633

Sub Locator Number: 1-561-594-1116

      • A substitute is a temporary employee who works on an as-needed basis.
      • A substitute is paid for days/hours worked and does not receive any benefits.      


MANDATORY - ALL school district employees/substitutes MUST complete the IT Policy Training by June 30, 2011. New substitutes will need to complete the training within 10 days of their start date.  Click on the following link for the bulletin and step by step instructions:   IT Policy Required Training

The 'Summer Letter', which in the past years was sent by U.S. mail to each substitute teacher, was emailed this year to each substitute's district email address.  This process uses available technology to save both money and time, and important communication will continue to be emailed in the future.

On June 13, 2011, the district's Email platform will change to Google Email.  For the necessary online training, go to http://trainu.palmbeach.k12.fl.us/logon and search for Google Resource Center.

For the 'Summer Letter', please click here:  Reasonable Assurance Summer Letter

Sub Hours:  

Elementary and Middle School substitutes are paid for 6.5 hours for a full day.  They are to be on campus 7 hours, which includes a 30 minute duty free, unpaid lunch.

High School substitutes are paid 7 hours for a full day. Subs are to be on campus 7.5 hours, which includes a 30 minute, duty-free unpaid lunch.


1.  If you ARE NOT available to sub for one day or even one week PLEASE make yourself unavailable on the sub locator. 

2.  When updating your phone number on the sub locator YOU MUST enter the 1 plus the area code, then the 7 digit number. No dashes.

3.  Review your future jobs frequently.  Get in the habit of checking every morning to verify the job is still active (not canceled) and to verify the date, start and end times.

4.  All subs MUST work one day a semester to stay active.  First semester is from August thru December and second semester is from January thru the last day of school.


Substitute ID Badges

Click here for Badge Renewal Information for Substitute badge renewal information for school year 2011/2012.  Any questions regarding the badge renewal process or fingerprinting please contact School Police at 561-434-8300. 

Fingerprinting fees are $99. ALL SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE AN UNEXPIRED SUBSTITUTE ID BADGE IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES WHILE AT A SCHOOL SITE.  A school can send you home if you do not have your sub ID badge.  You DO NOT need to complete the Code of Ethics again.

Cancelled Jobs

It is the substitutes responsibility to contact the school and inform them if they cancel a job. If a teacher cancels a job it is the teacher or schools responsibility to inform the sub of the cancellation. If the teacher or school fails to do so and the sub shows up, the sub is to call the sub office while still at the school site and we will try to find a job for a full day in the area. If nothing is available, the sub is to stay at the school site for a half day and get paid for the half day.  If the sub refuses to stay the school is under no obligation to pay them.

Interim Positions

When a substitute teacher is hired into an interim teaching position, his or her substitute status becomes inactive.  To request reactivation of the sub status at the end of the interim position, the school secretary will email Linda Everline.  This must be done prior to the completion of the interim position to avoid a break in service.  It is up to the substitute to inform the school secretary that they wish to sub again.


ePay is a PeopleSoft feature which enables employees to view their pay information through the internet, from anywhere in the world! Click on the following link for instructions on how to view your paycheck online. Accessing ePay   Any questions regarding your access to PeopleSoft or navigation, please contact the IT Service Desk at (561)242-4100.

District Email

All active substitutes have a school district email address. To get your email address, go to the school district home page, click on the "Employees" link, then select "Technology", then click on "New Employee Link".

Virtual Handbook  The Virtual Handbook contains a list of websites to help you find answers to questions you may have regarding the School District.

Is your personal information up-to-date (address, phone number, ethnicity, etc.)?   If not, click on the following link.  Employee Self Service Directions

Substitute Handbook (click to view)

Substitute Teacher Profile
Complete all sections of the Substitute Profile to add or remove schools or subject areas from your profile.
You may mail, fax or e-mail your new profile to the Substitute OfficeYou cannot make location changes on the sub locator.

Substitute Pay

*Retired Teachers (from any state) $ 13.50 per hour (maximum pay)
BA/BS degree or higher $ 13.00 per hour
AA/AS degree or 60+ semester hours $ 11.25 per hour
30-59 semester hours $ 11.00 per hour
Glades supplement $ 3.00 per hour (additional pay)

*To receive maximum pay please bring proof of teacher retirement to Substitute Teacher Orientation.

If you no longer wish to substitute, please send something in writing to the sub office. Either by email, fax or regular mail.

Advanced Degree Pay

Temporary positions such as Substitute Teachers do not qualify for Advanced Degree Pay.  If you take a regular teaching position, you will need to request Advanced Degree Pay from the Compensation & HR Planning Department.  An Advanced Degree Request form is available on the District forms website (PBSD 2277).

"The School District of Palm Beach County prohibits discrimination against students, employees, and applicants on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, marital status, age, parental status and disability in any of its educational activities and services and employment practices."