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Attendance and Truancy Information:


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   2010 - 2011 Attendance /      Truancy Procedural Guide


  Truancy Procedural Guide

The Division of Grants Administration and School Reform Accountability
has created the Palm Beach County Attendance / Truancy Procedural
Guide per the 2009 Florida State Statutes on school attendance
(F.S.1003.26, 1003.24, 1003.23, and 1003.21).


    Download the Guide   


PowerPoint Presentation for Guidance Counselors


    The new District Attendance and

        Truancy Procedural Guide includes:

    • School-based ideas / responsibilities to reduce truancy referrals (before 15 unexcused absences occur)
    • School-based responsibilities after 15 unexcused absences occur (Truancy Packet information)
    • District Area Truancy Liaison responsibilities and assistance
    • Sample non-attendance form letters in three languages for school use
    • State Statutes and Board Policy



(NEW) Truancy Bulletin with New EDW Truancy Report Directions and Path - Oct. 22, 2010

Download PDF forms that are required for Truancy Packet:

Attendance / Truancy District Liaisons:

There are three (3) Area Truancy Liaisons who are able to assist schools with truancy procedures, have meetings with contacts and parents, and receive / review schools' truancy packets.





Sue Ricci

Lincoln Elementary

(561) 494-1514





Marian M. Stubbs

C.O.Taylor/Kirklane Elementary

(561) 804-3559





Linda Camardella

Royal Palm Beach High

(561) 792-8681