• July - August:

    School Improvement Training (SIP) Sessions, register through eLearning Management System (search School Improvement Plan Training)

  • August - September:

    School Advisory Council SIP Approval

  • September 15, 2015:

    D/F and Virtual Schools submit draft SIP through CIMS online system

  • October 9, 2015:

    All schools submit SIP through CIMS online system


School Board Policy 2.09

School Board Policy 2.09(8)(b) requires schools to address the following in the School Improvement Plan:

ESE Inclusion Education
Title I Schools

The FDOE Bureau of School Improvement provided a list of all components a school-wide program must include in its School Improvement Plan pursuant to No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.


Parent Involvement Goal(s) refer to Volunteers in Public Schools - VIPS. Each elected SAC member must complete eForm PBSD 1710 SAC Member and return to Principal.


Submission of SIP Checklist eForm PBSD 2248 is required of all schools. Elected SAC members complete SAC Member eForm PBSD 1710. Area Superintendents submit SIP Confirmation Receipt eForm PBSD 2250.

Department of EDUCATION (DOE)

School Public Accountability Reports
Bulletin #P-15026 CAO PA REA