CHAMPS Classroom Management

School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SwPBS)

All teachers want their students to be orderly, responsive, engaged, and motivated.  According to the most current research on teacher effectiveness, putting a successful behavior management system in place is a sure way of achieving these goals.

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Professional Development

Professional development in our CHAMPs program over the course of one year will help teachers in schools throughout the District:

  • Improve classroom behavior (on-task, work completion, cooperation)
  • Establish clear classroom behavior expectations with logical and fair responses to misbehavior
  • Motivate students to put forth their best efforts (perseverance, pride in work)
  • Reduce misbehavior (disruptions, disrespect, non-compliance)
  • Increase academic engagement, resulting in improved test scores
  • Spend less time disciplining students and more time teaching them
  • Teach students to behave respectfully and to value diversity, thereby reducing cultural differences that may manifest as misbehavior
  • Feel empowered and happy to be in the classroom
  • Develop a common language about behaviors among all staff
  • Create a plan for orienting and supporting new staff
  • Reduce staff burnout

Implementing CHAMPS

During staff development sessions, teachers will learn how to:

  • Establish a vision for their classrooms
  • Organize classrooms for student success
  • Prepare for the first month of school
  • Specify classroom behavioral expectations
  • Motivate even the most uncooperative students
  • Monitor and revise classroom behavioral plans
  • Correct specific misbehaviors

Adapted from Randy Sprick’s Safe and Civil Schools

CHAMPS Trainings

A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management

The Department of Safe Schools is offering “open” training opportunities for the CHAMPS Classroom Management initiative.  These training sessions are open to any School Board employee who would like to attend and are strongly recommended for staff members looking to expand their classroom management strategies “toolbox.”  Additionally, this systematic approach is structured to help teachers identify and maintain the effective parts of their current plans, while concurrently identifying and strengthening any less effective parts of their management plans.

Training sessions should be attended in A, B, C sequence. Therefore, you MUST attend Session A first.  You may register for the CHAMPS trainings on the CHAMPS TrainU Course.

2009-2010 Training Schedule

60 Staff Development Points Opportunity for 2009 – 2010

The Department of Safe Schools is offering 60 in-service points for teachers who successfully complete three CHAMPS training sessions and implement the CHAMPS strategies in their classrooms. The requirements for earning staff development points are listed on the TrainU site listed above.

Contact Information

Andrea Hanford

Andrea Hanford

CHAMPs Coach and Trainer