Course descriptions

Language Arts 1

LA 1

It’s Time for Exploration. That’s what you’ll do as you explore

some exciting stories, folktales and heroic adventures from the

past and present.  Your teacher will act as your guide, while you

choose the stories you like best.

There are a lot of good places to find interesting stories and

courageous heroes. In this course, you’ll read short stories and

novels, listen to music, read newspapers, and even interview your

parents.  Just as important, you’ll learn to create some interesting

stories of your own.  There will be information about vocabulary,

grammar and getting the punctuation right.  There will also be

plenty of opportunities to use your imagination and be creative.

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M/J Mathematics 1

math 1


M/J Math 1 is designed to engage you at every turn.  You

will have opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge on

number manipulation by applying them to real world scenarios. 

The course is packed with games that reinforce and practice

the skills you just learned.  There are pieces of trivia and

activities throughout the course that leave you with a smile.

Your teacher is anxious to join you during this learning experience. 

But remember, "with this much fun it still is math." Have Fun!

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M/J Science 1

science 1

Comprehensive Science 1 is the first in a series of three

consecutive science classes. This course provides an

introduction to Science, Energy, Force, Weather, Climate,

The Earth’s Systems, and the Living World. Some topics are

explored in depth while others are introduced to serve as

building blocks for Comprehensive Science 2 and 3. During

this course students will explore science through every day

examples and experiences. Students will participate in activities

and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have


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