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High School Credit Recovery

Our virtual education programs offer academic credit support toward receiving a high school diploma. Credit recovery courses allow students to stay on track for on-time graduation. All traditional and alternative high schools have Edgenuity as a solution to assist students with meeting high school graduation requirements.


Students who should consider credit recovery meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Course has been previously failed and needs to be retaken

• Grade point average is less than a 2.0 and needs to be raised

• Required credits need to be earned for graduating on time with their cohort class


Self-paced learning and pretesting allow students to spend more time on what they need and less time on content they have already mastered. The courses meet Common Core and state standards, engaging students through content delivered by interactive instruction and experienced, certified teachers.

The lab teachers assist students with time management, provide encouragement, help the students to remain organized and make sure the students stay on pace to successfully complete the course.

The students also have a teacher of record. This instructor grades the assignments and exams, provides academic feedback, and communicates with the lab teacher if they see the student struggling.

While the classroom provides support and structure for the student, the student may also work independently online, away from the classroom.

For further information regarding credit recovery in our high schools, contact:

 Heidi Putre at 561.752.1238 or heidi.putre@palmbeachschools.org




Janel Holley, Guidance Specialist


Janel Holley, our Guidance Specialist, supports students and schools with the high school graduation requirements.


Leslie Terribile


Leslie Terribile, our Credit Recovery Resource Teacher, assists teachers and students with the Edgenuity program.


Heidi Putre


Heidi Putre is our Credit Recovery Site Administrator.


Graduation Requirements link (updated)

The graduation requirements listed in this document are for students entering 9th grade beginning with the 2013-2014 school year. For further information regarding our High School Diploma Program, contact Janel Holley, Guidance Specialist at Palm Beach Virtual (561) 881-4765.

To graduate high school in Palm Beach County, students must satisfy requirements in four categories; Credits, GPA, FCAT/EOC and Community Service. To stay on track for graduation, students should earn an average of 6 credits per year, maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA throughout high school, stay on grade level for each administration of the FCAT, and continually do Community Service throughout high school. If you have any questions about graduation requirements, please contact Janel Holley at janel.holley@palmbeachschools.org


Graduation Requirements

I. CREDITS — 24 credits in the following categories, one of which must be

    an online course:

Ø 4-English 

Ø 4-Math (one high school credit from middle school can be used) 

Ø 3-Science (Biology, Physical, elective)

Ø 3-Social Studies (World History, American History, Government/Economics) 

Ø 1-Fine Art 

Ø 1-HOPE (Health Opportunities for Physical Education) 

   or 1/2 credit of Personal Fitness and 1/2 credit of Fitness Lifestyle Design


Ø 8-Electives (any class not being used to fulfill a requirement listed above)

II. GPA — 2.0 Cumulative GPA of every course taken for high school credit

III. FCAT/EOC — Take the Reading section of the 10th grade FCAT & all

       required EOC exams (Algebra, Geometry, Biology & US History)

IV. COMMUNITY SERVICE — 20 hours completed and reported during high



Full time students in our diploma program must meet the

above criteria in  order to graduate.