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Revised Bright Futures Update 3.15.2012

Community Service Hours
Test Scores

Academic Scholars - 100 hours

Medallion Scholars - 75 hours

Gold Seal vocational - 30 hours

Beginning with class of 2013-14 (this year's 10th graders), the score for Medallion Scholars have been increased from 1050 SAT to 1170 and 23 ACT to 26. Prior to receiving funding, all Bright Futures recipient (as well as Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) and Access to Better Learning and Education Grant recipients) are required to submit a complete, error-free FAFSA. Students do not have to qualify for financial aid, but must complete the application. This begins with 2011 graduates, who are being notified by the BF office this summer.

No FAFSA = No $ !!


Community Service volunteer opportunites:

United Way

Palm Beach County Government