Counseling Services

  • We offer support for students by:

    • Assisting in their educational, career, personal, and social development
    • Helping to resolve problems which interfere with learning 
    • Facilitating educational and career planning 
    • Increasing knowledge of self and others 
    • Supporting with specific needs 
    • Providing crisis intervention and prevention

    We offer support for parents/families by:

    • Facilitating a home/school partnership in fostering school success. 
    • Providing support for parents regarding their child’s educational development. 
    • Sharing information with parents to help clarify and/or solve student and/or school-related problems.
    • Protecting the privacy of information shared by parents and students.
    • Assisting parents in refining parenting skills. 
    • Coordinating and referring to school/community services regarding specific needs of students.