• Aftercare Pickup Process

    Authorized Pickups

    Only authorized individuals indicated in your child's Eleyo Account will be eligible to pick up and sign out your child(ren) from the program. To add Authorized Pickups, you will need to complete the required form(s) below depending on your needs:

    *Please have forms turned in to the Aftercare Office or sent by email before the pickup date to ensure the individual that is picking up is on the list*.  

    To authorize an individual (including teacher and tutors) to pick up the student:

    PBSD 2157 - Limited Authorization For Student Pickup

    To add or remove emergency contracts or change parents and/or student information:  

    PBSD 2447 - Addendum To The Registration

    Pick up Process

    The aftercare pick-up is on the south side of the school building at the second double door. 

    Students can be picked up anytime between 2:30 and the time the enrolled program ends.

    Part-time ends at 4:00 PM and Full-time ends at 6:00 PM. 

    A physical signature, the security code, and the curb smart number will be required.
    (Please make sure to bring a valid ID for identity verification for safety) 

    The process is as follows:

    1. Whoever is picking up the students will have to park their car and walk to the Aftercare door. It is the marked aftercare entrance.
    2. Buzz the call box.
    3. Present curbsmart # to a staff member there.
    4. Sign out students using the iPad (eleyo) by entering the security code and sign. 

    The Eleyo Welcome Page for parents’ usage will have the security code. 


    It is safest to park in the school parking lot and walk to the sign-out location. If you are parking on the carline. Please park your car facing inward at an angle, not in a parallel way, so we can fit more cars.  Please be mindful that there are also 2 handicap signs along the carline. Follow all traffic laws when parking and leaving.   


    Late pick up

    For every minute that a parent/guardian is late in picking up his/her child/children, a late pick-up fee of $1.00 is charged. Multiple late pick-ups can lead to a student being removed from the program. Listed below is a sample of the late pick-up fee charges of $1.00 per minute:

    Part-time 2:00 - 4:00 pm, the student being picked up at 4:10 will incur a $10.00 late charge

    Full-time 2:00 - 6:00 pm, the student being picked up at 6:15 will incur a $15.00 late charge