Electronic Device Take Home Policy - 8.124 Resources

  • School District of Palm Beach County students may be issued electronic devices. These devices are for instructional use to support curriculum goals and will be available for students to use at home or in school. This page provides students and their families/guardians with resources associated with the policy.

    IT User Standards and Guidelines Manual
    This document provides a framework for a safe computing environment for the District’s information resource and technology users. Following the standards within this Manual will minimize the threats to the District’s information resources and protect its users.

    Policy 8.124 Student Guidelines
    This document outlines best practices for students to be successful when they are issued a device to take home.

    Policy 8.124 Frequently Asked Questions for Parents
    This document answers the frequently asked questions that parents may have when their student is issued a device.

    Student Device Depreciation
    This document outlines the depreciated value of each Laptop/Chromebook.