SY24 Curtain Calls - Morning and After Care

  • Welcome to the Curtain Calls Page 

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program please follow the steps below:
    1. Read the parent letter: SY24 Final_Curtain_Calls_Letter.pdf

    2. Complete the registration from using the Google Link or submit the printable form (See below). 

    3. Submit $25 Registration fee on School Cash Online. If your child receives free or reduced lunch, you must submit documentation with the registration form. 

    Click HERE for online registration form 
    Click the Registration Form for Printable Registration Form: 

Parent Sign Out form for Pickup:

  • The authorized parent must sign out the child if picked up before 5:15 pm:

    • Persons authorized to pick-up students will complete the Google Form upon arrival to the designated pick-up location.
    • Once the authorized person has submitted the form, the student can be released.
    • If the sign-out person does not recognize the authorized pick-up person, they must check ID