PV Students Save Their Father's Life with CPR

  • An emotional reunion was held in October for first responders, a father who suffered cardiac arrest and his children who likely saved his life.

    Palm Beach County resident Andy Taylor said after a morning workout earlier this year he began feeling sick and having heart problems. He did not have a history of heart problems. His doctor said he was in good shape but he did have one serious problem that particular day when an artery blew.

    County Fire Rescue said his two children, Madison and Caleb, jumped into action while their mother called 911! They knew something was wrong and they had to try to save their dad.

    Taylor stated, “Maddie, my daughter, turned me over on my back. My son, who got certified with CPR in middle school at Loggers Run, just went to work and told his mom, 'I got this'. He pumped on his dad until fire rescue arrived to take over.

    Caleb got his CPR card through training offered at his school through the HOSA club. Taylor is now doing well after spending nearly a month in the hospital to recuperate.

    Both Madison and Caleb were awarded Palm Beach County Fire Rescue’s "Life Saving" Award at Station 46. Their father expressed his sincere gratitude for the work that fire rescue and the professionals at JFK hospital did to save him, and of course his kids!

    Madison is an athlete and has played on the Cobras basketball and softball teams. Caleb is a freshmen in the Medical Science Academy. He wants to be a surgeon in the future.

    All students in our medical academy get full certification in CPR. For the last two years, medical students have also worked with the P.E. dept to teach all ninth grade students how to do Hands-Only CPR. If you'd like to learn more about CPR your self. See how simple it is with instructions from the American Heart Association.