The International Baccalaureate Education

  • RPBHS stakeholders are unified by a single purpose, that is to embody and exemplify the IB Learner Profile through meaningful action. The Diploma Program provides a holistic educational experience, whereby students graduate with an expanded set of higher level thinking skills resulting from concurrent study of specific disciplines through real-world assessment outcomes. The IB emphasizes written and oral language, including the ability to communicate in at least two languages. The IB Diploma Programme program provides exposure to experiential learning through the Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program at a sophisticated level, whereby students are challenged to solve problems in their particular areas of interest and reflect on their resulting personal growth.

    The Diploma Programme features high-quality, internationally-ratified, high criterion-referenced assessment standards in all subjects. The internal and externally moderated forms of assessment allow students to demonstrate what they know and understand in multiple ways, including face-to-face oral presentations, laboratory reports, projects, exhibitions, and portfolios in addition to traditional written examinations. The IB Learner Profile allows students to assess their progress against defined personal attributes.