Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology (HVAC)

  • What is the HVAC-R Academy?

    The Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Academy is a four- year sequence of high school courses combining core academics with specialized training required for journeyman level employment in the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology industry, apprenticeships, and/or continuing post-secondary education. Entrance Requirement: None

    What post-secondary options are available to HVAC-R Academy graduates?

    Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration program completers earn Florida Department of Education Occupational Completion Points (OCPs).

    • A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Helper (average hourly wage $15-17)
    • A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic Assistant (average hourly wage $18)
    • A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Mechanic 1 (average hourly wage $21.52)

    HVAC-R Academy students are eligible for the Florida Department of Education Bright Futures Program Vocational Gold Seal Scholars Award (requirements must be satisfied). Academy completers can enter an apprenticeship program at the journeyman level. Graduates enjoy advanced standing at local public and private post-secondary institutions as established in the articulation agreements. Students can enroll at a two or four year college to obtain a degree in HVAC-R, management, or related field.

    For what careers will HVAC-R Academy students qualify upon completion of post-secondary education?

    The median annual salary for heating & air-conditioning mechanics and installers is $43,640. HVAC-R mechanics and installers enjoy a variety of employer-sponsored benefits such as insurance coverage and pension plans. Some employers pay for work-related training and provide uniforms, company vehicles, and tools.

    How does the HVAC-R Academy work with business and industry leaders and the community?

    The advisory board for the HVAC-R Academy is comprised of the western community’s leaders in the heating & air-conditioning profession. Support from and communication with this board is essential in providing opportunities to strengthen the curriculum. The unique combination of academics, hands-on learning, and collaborative partnerships with community resources ensures the students the preparation required to become future industry leaders.

    What course sequence is offered to HVAC-R Academy students?

    9th - A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Tech 1
    10th - A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Tech 2/3
    11th - A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Tech 4/5
    12th - A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Tech 6/7

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