AICE Diploma Guidelines

  • AICE Diploma Requirements

    To earn the Cambridge AICE Diploma, students must pass a minimum of seven AICE exams within a 25 month period (3 school years). The exams must include AICE Global Perspectives and at least one exam from subject groups 1, 2, and 3. The remaining exams can be from any of the 4 groups.

    Cambridge Subject Groups:

    Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences


    Environmental Management (Group 1 OR 3)

    Marine Science

    Group 2: Languages

    English Language

    French Language

    Spanish Language

    Group 3: Arts and Humanities

    Art & Design

    Environmental Management (Group 1 OR 3)

    History (International OR US)


    Media Studies


    Travel & Tourism

    Group 4: Interdisciplinary Subjects (Optional Group - Max of 2 exams, if used)

    General Papers

    Thinking Skills

    All Cambridge AICE Diploma candidates must pass the AICE Global Perspectives exam.

    Students interested in earning an AICE Diploma can use the AICE Diploma Requirements Chart to keep track of their exam scores.
    Visual Representation of the Groups Listed Aboce