Online Courses

  • Registration Procedures for Online Classes

    1. Go to 

    2. Click on “New Students Start Here.”

    3. Select: “I Live in Florida.”

    4. Choose a County – Select “Palm Beach.”

    5. Choose a Student Type – Select “Public/Charter School Student.” Click Continue.

    6. Browse Course Catalog and Select the class you want to take and which segment - part 1 (1st semester) - part 2 (2nd semester) or both. If the class has two segments, both segments must be completed for online course requirement credit.

    7. Click on “Select a District Franchise” and choose “ePalm Beach Virtual” and choose your start date. Only select Florida Virtual School if the class you want to take is NOT offered at ePalm Beach Virtual School. Click continue.

    8. Select the reason you are taking the class and whether it is on your school schedule. Click continue.

    9. If you have already set up your FLVS account, at this point you should see the class listed in your “backpack” and can click continue.

    10. If you have not yet created an account, click “Create my Account.” Follow online prompts to create your personal account and Parent/Guardian Account (parent must approve your class.) Complete all sections and be sure to list Park Vista as your “physical school” in your Academic Profile.

    11. Once your registration is complete, your counselor must approve the course you have selected. Your counselor is notified by FLVS to approve your course (you do not have to tell them to approve it.) if everything is OK you will be assigned a teacher and they will contact you with instructions on how to begin.

    *If you are asked for your “State ID,” enter 50 along with your student number.