New College of Florida

  • New College of Florida
    Sarasota, FL

    A small, 4-year, public liberal arts college. This coed college is located in a small city in a suburban setting and is primarily a residential campus. It offers bachelor’s degrees and master's degrees.

    Application deadline: November 1

    Small school
    Total undergrads: 702
    Degree-seeking freshmen: 147

    Unique Facilities
    High-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, UV-visible and infrared spectrophotometers, inert atmosphere glove boxes, electrophysiology instruments, Geographic Information Systems lab, functional near-Infrared spectroscopy, anthropology lab, public archaeology lab, psychology labs, political behavior lab, marine biology research center, gallery, sculpture lab, creative computing lab, black box theater

    2 + 2 Enhancement Program: Guaranteed Admission Program with SCF

    Most Popular Majors

    47% Liberal Arts
    39% Interdisciplinary Studies
    9% Foreign Languages and Literature
    6% Environmental Science

    Mid-range GPA: 3.5 - 4.2
    Mid-Range SAT: 1113 - 1320
    Mid-Range ACT: 22 - 29 

    Somewhat selective - 73% of applicants admitted. Fee waived for all applicants.

    Accepts Institutional Online Application and Common App. Uses SSAR in lieu of transcript.

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