• What is the difference between the SSAR and the SRAR? 

    Florida and the SSAR:

    Applicants applying to the colleges and universities in Florida will complete the Self-reported Student Academic Record (SSAR). Participating colleges/universities include Flagler College, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Polytechnic University, Florida State University, New College of Florida, University of North Florida, University of Florida, and University of West Florida.  

    The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is utilized by:

     Binghamton University (SUNY), Clemson University, Duquesne University, Kean University, Louisiana State University, New York University (NYU), Pennsylvania State University, Rutgers University - Camden, Rutgers University - Newark, Rutgers University - New Brunswick, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, University at Buffalo (SUNY), University of Cincinnati, University of Connecticut, University of Delaware, University of Minnesota Morris, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Oregon, University of Pittsburgh, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, University of Texas at San Antonio and Virginia Tech.


    The SSAR and SRAR are integrated, but each requires their own account. If you started or completed the SRAR (or SSAR) for a participating college or university, you can very easily click to import your coursework from the SRAR to the SSAR and vice versa.

    How to import your SSAR into the SRAR

    Save time! If you started or completed the SSAR for a participating college or university in Florida, and are now applying to a university using the SRAR, you may easily import your SSAR into your SRAR.

    To import your SSAR into the SRAR:

    Create a SRAR account, preferably using the same email address used for your SSAR account, and follow the import screen prompts, also shown below, after logging in.

    1. Upon login, you will be prompted with the following message on the SRAR Home page: "To save time, would you like to import your Florida Self-Reported Student Academic Record (SSAR) into your SRAR? Get started by clicking the Review and Import SSAR button below."

    2. Click Review and Import SSAR.

    3. Confirm the SSAR account information (name and email address) shown on screen is correct.

    4. Click View Summary to quickly review your SSAR. You can edit/update after import if needed.

    5. After reviewing, click Import SSAR button.

    6. After import, you will see a green check mark and the message: Import of Coursework Complete.