• We inspire young minds...what's your superpower?
    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…super teacher!!!!

    When we think of our teachers at Forest Park Elementary, we think of them as everyday superheroes,

    As effective educators we are charged with the responsibility to use this power to motivate every child. Inspiration is an important to the faculty and staff at Forest Park. coming to enlighten the minds of students every day.

    We want our students and their parents to know how important they are to us. We believe that open and honest communication with parents is a crucial part of using your superpowers. Whether it’s sending emails, making positive phone calls, or sending home Tiger Paw awards, we want our students and their parents to know their daily successes in school do not go unnoticed. Our hope is that the inspiration that we give our students will stay with them throughout their lives.

    A super teacher takes a class of unique personalities and turns them into a community of learners. Empathy, compassion, and respect must be taught so that students feel confident and comfortable in the classroom. These are lessons that will carry them through life and inspire them to be superheroes in their own professions. The relationships in our school are the most important factor in creating a trustworthy, respectful environment. Our responsibility is not to just dispense curriculum, but to form a trusting, loving relationship with each child so that they want to learn. Creativity, inspiration, and a strong learning community are the traits that motivate our super teachers that take the minds of my students up, up, and away!