Schedule Change Procedures

  • Schedule changes at Park Vista High School are only permitted under the following circumstances:

    1. Student is enrolled into a course for which they have already earned credit, or for which they are concurrently enrolled in and near conclusion in virtual school or credit lab. 

    2. Student is in the wrong level or is unqualified for the course. This rule excludes courses for which a student applied, such as AP, AICE, or dual enrollment.

    3. Student previously failed the same course with the same teacher.

    4. A grade 12 student needing a course change to meet an outstanding graduation requirement. 

    Schedule changes are not otherwise permitted at Park Vista. Under no circumstances will the following schedule changes be permitted:

    1. Teacher change except as noted in item 3 above.

    2. Period or class hour changes.

    3. Any elective course changes.

    The procedure for requesting a schedule change is for the student to personally see their school counselor before school, during lunch, or after school. No schedule changes will be considered via email or by phone from parents.   

    Please realize that dropping an academic course may jeopardize graduation and/or admission to a four-year university. Also, the grade in the current class that is dropped will transfer to the new class that is added.

    Park Vista High School / FLVS / PBVS Agreement

    If your child chooses to enroll in a Florida Virtual School (FLVS) / Palm Beach Virtual School (PBVS) course in place of a currently active course on his/her schedule, please be aware of the following:

    1.The student is responsible for setting up an FLVS account, selecting the correct course, and notifying their counselor for school approval.  Select Palm Beach Virtual School classes when available.

    2. The student cannot enter or re-enter into a Park Vista course for the duration of the current semester, even if the student is dropped or withdrawn from the FLVS/PBVS course.

    3. The student will not be withdrawn from a Park Vista class until FLVS/PBVS assigns the student a classroom and a teacher, completes the welcome call, and is made active in the course for the requested class (FLVS/PBVS course status becomes A-class active).  The timeframe between which a class is requested (status CR), and the class becomes assigned (status CA) and student then becomes active (status A), is determined solely by FLVS/PBVSThis can be from a single day up to several weeks or more.  The student must attend their current class until the student becomes ACTIVE in the FLVS/PBVS class.

    4. If a student has a period off campus, they must exit the campus before the start of the next class. This includes the days that activities or events occur in which they want to attend. Students may return for after school activities/events held after 2:45 pm.

    The Park Vista High School Counselor will:

    1. Approve appropriate FLVS/PBVS course request

    2. Adjust class schedule at Park Vista to include Part-time FLVS/PBVS course period once the student becomes ACTIVE.

    3. Receive and input final grade into the student record when issued by FLVS/PBVS

    It is the parent’s responsibility to set up an FLVS/PBVS parent/guardian account at and to provide parent/guardian authorization for any requested FLVS/PBVS course(s), AND to then monitor their child’s progress in the FLVS/PBVS course, and communicate with the FLVS/PBVS instructor as needed.

    Please understand that success within FLVS/PBVS courses requires students to be self-disciplined and self-directed.  FLVS/PBVS course success may also require close parental monitoring and parent communication with the FLVS/PBVS instructor.   Once course approval is submitted by the Park Vista counselor, any subsequent course management, course concerns, or communication with the FLVS/PBVS instructor or staff is managed entirely among the student, the parent/guardian, the FLVS/PBVS instructor, and FLVS/PBVS support staff.  

    The Administration at Park Vista High School does not support students dropping classes currently on their schedule to enroll in online courses.  Senior FLVS/PBVS grades are due NO LATER THAN April 22, 2023 for May 2023 graduation.   

    Failure to keep adequate pace or complete FLVS/PBVS courses substituted for class periods at Park Vista within a timely manner may result in future FLVS/PBVS periods being limited or rescinded.

    NO schedule change will take place until the student’s status on FLVS’ website is changed to an A (Active) and my child is expected to attend their current class until they become active (A) on FLVS/PBVS.

    On campus FLVS/PBVS course options may not include classes requiring out of lab activities such as Personal Fitness, any PE class, Guitar, Photography, etc.