SAT and ACT Fee Waiver Information

  • Do you participate in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program?  Are you taking SAT’s and ACT’s again?  Are you beginning to apply to colleges?

    If you participate in the FRL Program, you are eligible to take the SAT two times and the ACT four times for free.  You are also eligible for college applications fee waivers.

    SAT Fee Waivers:  These are available directly on your College Board Account as long as you took the PSAT in 10th or 11th or the School Day SAT last March.  Go to your College Board account and the fee waiver is automatically there.  If not, please contact our testing coordinator at:

    ACT Fee Waivers:  If you have taken an ACT and used the fee waiver before, you will be able to see this on your ACT account.  If you will be taking the ACT for the first time using a fee waiver please contact our testing coordinator at:

    College Application Fee Waivers:  If you have taken the SAT using a fee waiver, you are eligible for college application fee waivers.  You can obtain these by following the directions at:  

    ACT also offers college application fee waivers. They are available at: