Eight Steps to Improve Your Grades

    1. GET ORGANIZED. Utilize “assignment sheets” an agenda book, binders. Etc. daily to write down assignments for each class. Share this with your parents each night.
    2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Set a specific designated time each day that you dedicate solely to homework and studying. Be consistent; make this a routine. After you complete your daily work, show it to your parent so that they can check it.
    3. STUDY FOR A SET AMOUNT OF TIME AND AT THE SAME TIME EACH DAY REGARDLESS IF YOU HAVE HOMEWORK OR NOT. Even if you have “no homework”, which should be very rare, you should still study for upcoming test, work on future projects, review class notes, vocabulary, reread textbook chapters, etc. Studying needs to become habitual, like brushing your teeth.
    4. CHECK YOUR GRADES REGULARLY ON SIS. Students and parents should check SIS frequently. SIS is in real time and updates automatically. Check for missing assignments and upcoming tests, quizzes, or projects. If you see something that you have a question about, contact the teacher.
    5. GET EXTRA HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. Go to your teachers when you are having trouble with a class and ask them for the extra help that you need.
    6. SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF. Set short and long term goals for yourself.
      Short term goals
      Use your agenda daily, complete homework, study.
      Frequently check your grades on SIS and work on areas that need improvement

      Long term goals
      Quarterly; pass all classes successfully
      Yearly; earn the quality points to be promoted to the next grade.
    7. DEVELOP A CONTRACT WITH YOUR PARENTS. Sit down with your parents and develop a contract incorporating your short and long term goals. Set up rewards and consequences based on achieving your short and long term goals. It is important for you and your parent(s) to stick to the contract for this to work.

      I AGREE TO…….                                        REWARD                           CONSEQUENCE
      Use my agenda
      complete my daily & weekly assignments
      Study for tests and complete projects
      Check my grades on SIS
    8. DECIDE THAT EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT. Decide that education is important. Make it a priority and embrace it a as a core value. Understand that there is a pay-off at the end for you, and consequently you will take it more seriously and perform better.