Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans are men and women who were willing to set aside some years of their lives to perform military service for the United States of America. The job requires personal sacrifice, determination and courage.

On Veterans Day the citizenry takes a moment to reflect on the many achievements of our soldiers, seamen and airmen, first and foremost being that they secured our freedom and way of life.

The veteran has extracted rewards from his and her duty: satisfaction from joining a line of patriots dating back to the colonial militias and training and life experience that will last a lifetime. But the reward that resonates most this day is our saying THANK YOU.

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Thank you for your service to our country
and to The School District of Palm Beach County

Newlin Bauer
Jermaine Bell
Dale R. Blomberg
Paul Brown
Daniel Callow
Kristen Casagni
Stephen Charla
Ken Clark
Victor Colon
James Cook
Cali Yael Davis
Roger DiCarlo
Corey Farmer
Steve Fernandez
Wanda Fuentes
Aaron Glover
Frank Gorora
Dina Guzman
Joseph Haggerty
Jason Libman
Salvatore Longo
Gilbert Lopez
Michael Lynch
James McDowell
Leonard Bernard Mitchell

Olivia Morris
Tim Myrick
Barry Nesbitt
Michael L. Neville
Antonio Pena
Jimmy Lee Peterkin, Jr.
Corey Piazza
George Pollard
Jeff Pollard
Haralambos Rapa
James Reid
Frank Ricciardi
Curtis T. Riddick
Kaila Sands
Evelin Santana
Rick Shifley
Kassidy Sottilare
Stephen Stone
Hilary Taylor
Ed Tierney
Joe Vastano
Percy Watson
Dennis Weiner
Michael Weiss
Dean C. Wells, II

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