Chief Academic Office

The Chief Academic Office ensures that quality academic programming is offered to all students as part of a mission to increase reading on  grade level by 3rd grade, ensure high school readiness, increase the high school graduation rate, and foster post-graduate success. The Chief Academic Officer provides oversight of the Divisions of  Professional Growth and Student Services, Equity, and Access. 


Keith Oswald
Chief Academic Officer


Did You Know?



Did you know that District students can now download Microsoft Office for free? The link for more information can be found  by clicking the link here:  Free Microsoft

Microsoft Office for Free

Contact:  Information Technology




You can find out information regarding District-provided Breakfast and Lunch as well as daily menus and how to set up meal accounts by go to the following link: Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch

Contact:  School Food Service



The 2016-2017 School List by Region is now available.  These regions replace the area offices used in FY16. You can click here to see which region your school is located in.

FY17 School List

Contact: Compliance Office 

Support for Principals

The Chief Academic Office provides support for schools, parents, and students. Questions can be submitted in writing to the Chief Academic Office at  Principals can access their information through the Principal Resource Center.


Student Registration
To best serve your student, registration information must be up to date and accurate. For information on the registration process, please CLICK HERE

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 Approved
The Palm Beach County School Board approved the Superintendent's Strategic Plan for the next five years. For more information or to read about the plan, CLICK HERE to go to the link.

FY 17 Find My School.
Your FY17 school can be located by simply entering an address into our system. CLICK HERE to go to the link to locate your FY17 school.

Graduation Requirements
CLICK HERE for the link to the Florida Department of Education web site information on graduation.

Meet the Team

Lundman pic2Eric Lundman
Assistant Superintendent Professional Growth

RUizEddie Ruiz, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent Student Services, Equity, and Access

Educational Equity Audit

The Educational Equity Audit, approved by the School Board on December 18, 2014, is being conducted by the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University (NYU).  This two-year project is designed to examine the extent to which the District's culture, practices, and policies promote equitable opportunities for all students and staff members.

The monthly updates from NYU are available for review if you CLICK HERE.