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Earn Your High School Equivalency Diploma

Earning a State of Florida High School Equivalency Diploma opens the door to new opportunities and pathways in your life! Upon successful completion of the GED® test, you are awarded a State of Florida high school diploma and are considered a high school graduate.

GED® Program

Our Program prepares you to successfully complete all 4 subject tests which will earn you a high school equivalency diploma.

For students who are missing a few credits may obtain a traditional high school diploma by attending our Adult High School Virtual Program.

For more information go to AVAPBC.ORG

How to Register

Go to a School Site Near You (Registration must be done in-person)

  • Must be 16 years or older.
  • Students must be officially withdrawn from K-12

Fill Out Form 1700

Read and Sign Form 2523

Pay the Tuition Fee of $30

Take the TABE Placement Test

Term Dates

Fall Term 2018

August 27th  - December 14th

Registration begins August 13th

No Classes: 09/03, 09/10, 09/19, 11/19-23rd

Classes for the Adult Education Center begin 8/13/2018


Winter Term 2019

January 22nd - April 18th

Registration begins January 7th

No Classes: 03/18-22nd

Classes for the Adult Education Center begin 01/08/2019

Study Onsite

Classes are available at more than 30 locations. Click here to find a site near you!

Study Online

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Online students must have an e-mail address, access to a computer and the internet.

As a virtual student you must:

  • Login a minimum of one time per week to prevent being withdrawn from the program.
  • Participate in online seminars and online tutorial programs as suggested by your teacher.
  • Post-test as recommended by your teacher.

Note: Registration must be done in person at one of our school locations

Request a Transcript

How do I request an official Florida GED® Credential/Transcript?
For diplomas earned on or after January 1, 2014: Original credentials will be sent via email to the candidate, usually the same day. The email will include information on how to order hardcopies. There is no charge for original credentials, including the electronic and paper version. Click here for details
For diplomas earned prior to January 1, 2014: Candidates will request credentials from GED Credentialing™ by clicking here

Take the GED® Test

The GED® test is a computer-based test with multiple choice, short answer and essay questions. Students must take the test at an authorized testing center.

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GED® en Español

El GED® es un equivalente al diploma del bachillerato, también conocido en Latinoamérica como escuela secundaria o escuela preparatoria.

Aprenda más

Learn a Trade

Explore various trades through our Pre-Apprenticeship Program while also advancing your academic skills. Trades include Plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry, Electrical & Welding. It is delivered by Florida Training Services, an FDOE approved provider.

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Become a US Citizen

Prepare to become a U.S. citizen!
In this class, we will prepare you for the:
  • Citizenship interview
  • Citizenship test
  • Citizenship application
  • The naturalization process and required documentation
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