Egret Lake Elementary Afterschool Achieves “Maintenance Level” Status

The afterschool program at Egret Lake Elementary has achieved “Maintenance Level” status in Prime Time Palm Beach County’s Quality Improvement System. Maintenance level is the highest level a program can achieve in the system and requires two years of high scores on the PBC-PQA, the QIS assessment system, as well as demonstrable skills to sustain high-quality programming. Congratulations to afterschool director Lori Seal and her entire afterschool staff for this accomplishment!

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  1. Moraima Walker on June 23, 2017 at 10:48 am

    This is a well deserved achievement! My son attended and graduated from Egret Lakes, and participated in the after school program. Mrs. Seal is Phenomenal, Attentive, Encouraging, and often times a Great Consular to the kids. She provides various learning programs, that take on a non-traditional approach to learning, which enthuse all to enjoy. Karate, robotics, animation arts, music, magic shows, gardening, and one of my favorites observing and following the life from egg to baby chicks; Mrs. Seal knows how to maximize her resources. I am beyond proud that Mrs.Seal, all of her wonderful staff members, and Egret Lakes received this accolade, there’s no one more deserving.

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