Steps To Partnership Engagement

     1. Collaborate:

Reach out to schools (Business Partnership Coordinator) in your immediate commerce area with regards to your interest in becoming a Partner In Education to benefit school activities and projects. You can also contact the District Business and Community Partnership Liaison for information on potential partnership opportunities. Click here

      2. Initiate eBusiness Partnership Agreement:

        Complete and submit a school district eBusiness Partnership Agreement Form (Public Access

        Only) that outlines the scope of your partnership and person you engaged at

         school/department. Click here

         3. Engage School/Department:

Work closely with the school/department coordinator to stay in touch with the progress

of the partnership and confirm the school/department commitment to the partnership.

          4. Evaluation:

  Access the partnership at the end of the school year to determine the impact on students, school, and future direction

  of  the engagement.