Business Partnership Timelines

August - November

• Conduct a school/department Needs Assessment in cooperation with business partnership liaison person
• Evaluate existing school/department resources
• Meet with ongoing partners to review partner resources (Resources from partners can change from year to year)
• Discuss outcomes from prior year’s activities with business partners
• Discuss partner and school/department satisfaction with prior year’s activities
• Plan new and on-going activities for the school year based on identified needs
• Recruit new partners to help satisfy unfilled needs
• Update partnership List. Delete partnerships that will not be renewed for the new school year
• Add new partners
• Give your partners signed copies of their partnership document
• Retain a signed copy for your records
• Prepare Business Partnership Recognition Awards Nomination for previous school year

(Submit Business Partnership Recognition Awards Nomination form PBSD (1967) electronically on or before November 30, 2016)


Throughout the year

Update partnership list as new partnerships start, liaisons or addresses change or new activities are added. Also delete partnerships that have had no activity.


• Evaluate how well the partnership is accomplishing the goals it set out to accomplish and how well it is benefiting the participants it set out to serve.
• Use evaluation results to plan future activities
• Meet with or phone partners to help estimate the value of In-kind donations