College and Career Readiness

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CTE Courses and Industry Certifications

Industry certifications are an important component of Career Academies and Career and Technical Education Programs showing students have demonstrated evidence of technical skill attainment.

CTE Programs of Study

A Program of Study (POS) is a sequenced listing of academic and CTE courses connecting a student’s high school and post-secondary educational experiences.

Career Planning

Make an appointment with your counselor or the Career Academy Coordinator at your school. Learn about career pathway options or how to apply for a choice program.

Additional CTE Information

For more information or assistance with career planning.

Career Education

Technological advances and global competition continues to transform the nature of work at an ever growing pace. As a result, jobs today and those in the future will require more knowledge, better skills and more flexibility than ever before.

But how and where do students start when choosing a career with so many career choices available?  A great starting place is with Career Clusters, Pathways, and Programs of Study. To better prepare students for the 21st century and to help them graduate college and career ready, the Department of Choice and Career Options within the School District of Palm Beach County has developed Career Pathways encompassing Rigorous Programs of Study, to give students the academic preparation, direction, and career-related knowledge to help them plan studies that are in line with their interests, abilities, and career goals.

What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways are built around the national career clusters framework based upon a common set of knowledge and skills needed for success in any given career a student may choose to pursue.  Career pathways reinforce the notion that high school years are a significant transition to future career possibilities and adult responsibilities. Career Pathways are intended to help students focus on career opportunities that meet their interests and prepares them for a full range of postsecondary options.  Career Pathways provides students with an area of FOCUS along with FLEXIBILITY and a VARIETY of ideas to pursue.

Benefits of a Solid Career Pathways System

  • Career Pathways are for all students and connects their high school experiences to the Real World of Work and gives the student a purpose for excelling in both academics and career related coursework
  • Create distinct educational plans of study students can follow from secondary to postsecondary education to the workplace
  • Help create smooth transitions in the educational pipeline and reduce duplication
  • Empower students through information and experiences they need to make informed educational choices
  • Help counselors, teachers, parents, and students design individual plans of study
  • Comprise a key element in enhancing economic development by connecting schools with business and industry
  • Provides an avenue for students to earn postsecondary credits in high school through dual enrollment and articulated credits in addition to those earned through AP and other academic subjects
  • Provides an opportunity for the attainment of industry-recognized credentials/certification

What are Programs of Study?

A Program of Study (POS) is a sequenced listing of academic and CTE that connects student’s high school and postsecondary educational experiences.

By combining rigorous academics with career and technical education, students have a clear path to their future and are able to meet graduation requirements, earn college credits and industry certifications as well as valuable knowledge making them college and career ready before they leave high school.  Palm Beach County Schools has a program of study for every CTE program offered to assist students and parents in planning a course of study that will lead to a successful career.

How do you decide which Career Path best fits you?

  1. Start by thinking and learning more about yourself and identifying your areas of interests, strengths, talents and expectations.
  2. Consider possible occupations listed for the career paths in relationship to your interests and strengths.
    Select courses that are related to your Career Path and learn about advanced career preparation options.
  3. Make an appointment with your counselor or the career academy coordinator at your school to learn more about the career pathways offered at your school or how to apply for a choice program at a different school.

Everyone Wins with a Strong Career System

Students benefit when there are links between education and careers. Career pathways provide career guidance and a framework for students to plan their future. Students are more motivated when they can see the relevance of their education and are provided with smooth transitions to college and careers.

Educators (teachers, counselors, and administrators) benefit when they integrate academic and career and technical education curricula, partake in professional development, align with other school reform efforts, and receive support. Programs of study also connect educators with local business and industry to ensure that what students learn connects to current and emerging careers.

Employers benefit when they have the opportunity to partner with educators to prepare future employees by determining necessary skills, certifications, and current knowledge to succeed in the workforce.

Communities benefit when business and industry partners with education for local economic development and educational planning. Higher levels of educational attainment contribute to a healthier local economy.

Our Mission

Career Education is a planned program of career and technical courses and learning experiences that links educators, businesses and the community in preparing all students with the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and successful  careers in a global society. Our aim is to ensure that every student is properly prepared for postsecondary enrollment and/or smooth transition into the workplace.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, prohibits discrimination in admission to or access to, or employment in its programs and activities, on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, age, religion, disability, genetic information, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic prohibited by law. The School Board also provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.