Industry Certifications

Industry certifications are an important component of Career Academies and Career and Technical Education Programs showing students have demonstrated evidence of technical skill attainment and impact school grade as a part of accelerated coursework component. Industry Certification verifies that individuals have the entry-level skills to perform job functions in the area of certification. Research indicates students who attain industry certifications earn more money over the course of their careers than those lacking industry recognized certifications. Students who earn a certification feel a sense of accomplishment.

Business and Industry have asked for more qualified and skilled workforce for school system.  Students who earn industry certifications have a competitive edge upon graduation and become more marketable in the workplace during and after college and/or other postsecondary schooling. Students can also receive college credit after obtaining an Industry certification through state or local articulation agreements (For state see:; For local see CTE Resource Manual).

To view which certifications are associated with a particular program, click the link to see a list of Industry Certifications and Career and Technical Education programs. Industry Certifications are closely aligned with the Programs of Study.  Please click on the “Programs of Study” link and find the programs that interest you.