Service Employees International/Florida Public Services (SEIU/FPSU)

Mr. Alphonso Mayfield, President
2112 South Congress Avenue, Suite 205
Palm Springs, Florida 33406

This Union includes:
  • Paraprofessionals II and Early Childhood Professionals Unit is recognized as the exclusive bargaining agent for the group that includes, but is not limited to Paraprofessionals II, Educational Interpreters, Interpreters for the Hearing Impaired and Translators. It includes all positions listed in the "D" Bargaining Unit.
  • Supervisory Unit is recognized as the exclusive bargaining agent for Custodial Forepersons, and other Foreperson job classifications, or the "F" bargaining unit.
  • Regular Unit is recognized as the exclusive bargaining agent for a wide range of facilities Maintenance and construction, transportation, food service, and warehouse/material distribution employees. All positions listed in the "B" bargaining unit are included in this group.

SEIU/FPSU Collective Bargaining Agreements including the 2018 Modifications to the January 1, 2016-December 31, 2018 Successors:

SEIU/FPSU Salary Schedules

P 16-128 COO-DSCOS - Dated October 28, 2015 - Use of Non-Instructional Employees at School Sites

The School District of Palm Beach County