Administrative - NBU (S) (P) (AP)

Non-Bargaining Unit (NBU)
Administrative positions within the School District of Palm Beach County are classified as Staff, Assistant Principal, or Principal. These positions are considered Non-Bargaining (NBU) positions and are covered by District Policy. They do not fall under a Bargaining Agreement for the Bargaining Units within the District.

Principals (P) and Assistant Principals (AP)
In addition to the Regular Salary, Principals and Assistant Principals receive Complexity Pay based on a number of variables that are specific to the school of assignment. Examples of such variables include, but are not necessarily limited to, free/reduced lunch participation, school enrollment, etc.

Staff (S)
Staff level positions may include Accountants, Chiefs, Inspectors, Managers, Directors, Specialists, etc. and are paid an Annual Salary rate. In addition to the Annual Salary, these positions may receive a supplement for a qualifying Advanced Degree.

The School District of Palm Beach County