Alternative Certification

Alternative Certification Programs are for current teachers and career-change professionals who hold a bachelor’s or higher degree, but did not graduate from a college of education.

Alternative Certification Programs are pathways to obtain a professional certificate outside the traditional method of taking courses.

The School District of Palm Beach County offers two alternative pathways to teachers currently working in the District: the Alternative Certification Program (ACP) and the I-Teach Program.

Information about both programs is located on the Professional Development web site under Teacher Development at

Non-Education Major/Career Changer

If you hold a bachelor’s or higher degree from an accredited or approved institution and you are not an education major, but you are considering teaching as a profession, the following web site has resources to help you decide if teaching is the profession for you:

Once you determine that you want to teach, you will need to decide what subject you want to teach, and apply for a Florida Temporary Educator’s Certificate in that subject. The state only reviews your eligibility for the subject(s) you request on the application form. click on the link below to access the “Steps to Certification.”