Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE)



Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) include the General Knowledge Test, Professional Educator's Test, Subject Area Exams, and the FL Educator Leadership Exam.

Unofficial score reports are provided upon completion of most exams, however the GK Essay and other exams that contain a written component only provide a 'Receipt of Completion', as these tests must be scored by hand.

See FTCE web site for the latest score reporting information.

Description of Tests

General Knowledge Test (GK)

The GK is a basic skills achievement test containing four subtests: Math (multiple-choice items), Reading (both multiple-choice and passage-based items), English Language Skills (multiple-choice items), and Essay.

As noted on all Statements of Status of Eligibility:
"Current Florida law requires that an individual satisfy this requirement within one year from the date of employment in a Florida public school to continue employment in any Florida public school under the Temporary Certificate. Contact your employer for important information concerning this deadline."

If you took and passed the Florida CLAST prior to July 1, 2002, those scores can be used in lieu of the GK. You can request an official score report for all tests on the FTCE web site.

Professional Education Test

This multiple-choice test assesses knowledge of five content bases: personal development, appropriate student behavior, planning instruction, implementing instruction, and evaluating instruction. The Professional Education Examination must be taken and passed prior to the expiration of the temporary certificate.

Subject Area Examinations (SAE)

SAEs measure content area knowledge, usually in multiple-choice format. On July 1, 2002, a statute was passed that allowed for teachers to establish eligibility for an initial temporary certificate by taking and passing SAEs in lieu of taking college coursework.

Subjects that cannot be added to a certificate via an exam include Guidance, Reading, Speech Language Impaired, Educational Leadership, School Psychologist, and Endorsements. These areas require course work.

List of SAE's that may be used to qualify for a
Temporary Certificate or Addition

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Test Preparation

Numerous resources are available to assist in preparing for Florida Teacher Certification Exams. Many involve little or no cost.

    • The testing company offers Test Information Guides (also known as test preparation guides or study guides) for all FTCE and FELE exams. For a small fee users can download study guides, or have a paper copy sent by mail.
      See full details at www.fl.nesinc.com/FL_testprep.asp

    • The Florida Dept of Education website provides extensive information relating to FTCE and FELE exams.
      See www.fldoe.org/asp/ftce/

  • Study Guides:
    • Cliff's Notes (www.cliffsnotes.com) offers study guides for selected exams:
        • General Knowledge Test
        • Professional Education Test
        • Elementary Ed K-6 Subject Area Exam

    • Xamonline (www.xamonline.com) offers study guides for most FTCE/FELE exams.

  • Above study guides can also be obtained from the following:
    • The Professional Library has study guides and test prep books available to lend for most FTCE/FELE exams (see website for details)

    • Most local major bookstores

    • Most Public Library branches

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To access the FTCE website for testing information and registration go to www.fl.nesinc.com or call the testing center at 413-256-2893.

Exam Changes

The new year brings new testing changes - including Electronic Score Reporting. Check the testing company FTCE website often for important testing information & updates.

FTCE/FELE Program Information Flyer

GK Test

If you hold a Temporary Certificate and are a first-year teacher who started working between the first day of school and Dec 1, OR, if you are a second year teacher who started working after Dec 1 of the previous year, your General Knowledge Test must be completed - and official scores received - no later than June 30.

Add-On Reminder

If you have taken a Subject Area Exam for an area not on your current certificate, don't forget to ALSO complete an Add-On application to put the new subject on your certificate.