Out of Field (OOF)
Teachers are identified as out-of-field based upon their teaching assignment and student enrollment, as required in the Florida Department of Education Course Code Directory. Teachers who teach one or more classes of a subject that is not a subject area listed on their Florida Educator’s Certificate are considered out-of-field.

If you are asked to accept a teaching assignment in a subject that does not appear on your Florida Educator’s Certificate, then you are considered out-of-field.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my responsibility if I accept an out-of-field assignment?

If you are identified as out-of-field you have two options.

  • complete six (6) semester hours of college credit in the subject area you are teaching out-of-field by the end of the school year. (This option is used when there is no subject area exam in the out-of-field subject.)


  • pass the subject area exam in the area you are teaching out-of-field and add that subject to your Florida Educator’s Certificate.

Will I be notified if I am teaching out-of-field?

An out-of-field email is sent to each teacher identified as out-of-field. The email is specific to each teacher’s teaching assignment.

What is the quickest and easiest way for me to meet the out-of-field requirements?

For most teachers, the quickest and easiest route for meeting the out-of-field requirements is to take and pass the subject area exam for the area in which you are out-of-field. Once you pass the exam, bring the Official Score Report to the Certification Office, complete an application, and pay the fee to
add the subject area to the teaching certificate. Information about subject area exams is located at www.fl.nesinc.com or by clicking on the FTCE Registration link on this page.

What if there is no subject area exam corresponding with my out-of-field subject?

If you are out-of-field for Reading, Guidance, Gifted, ESOL, ASD, or ASL, you will need to complete the course requirements.

Can I take a Subject Area Exam for Reading?

No - you need a Masters Degree in Reading and the Reading Subject Area Exam, or successful completion of the Reading Endorsement.

What will happen if I do not complete the required coursework or pass the appropriate subject area exam?

Teachers can be out-of-field only once in a career unless he/she completes coursework or passes the subject area exam in the out-of-field subject area and adds the subject to the teaching certificate.

  • Teachers may not accept or be placed in another out-of-field assignment in any subject until the required coursework is completed or subject area exam is passed and documentation is submitted to the Certification Office.


Will in-service points satisfy my out-of-field agreement?

No, with the exception the ESOL, Reading, Gifted, and ASD Endorsements.

What is teaching out-of-compliance in ESOL?

All teachers who instruct, for one or more periods, one or more identified Limited English Proficient students (LEP) and do not have the ESOL Endorsement or ESOL coverage on their teaching certificate, must be approved to teach out-of-field by the School Board.

Can I take a Subject Area Exam for ESOL?

Yes. You can take a subject area exam for ESOL and when passed, add ESOL to your teaching certificate. However, you will need to complete two of the five required ESOL courses in order to maintain the ESOL coverage.

Out of Field and Out of Compliance (Cat-1 ESOL) Teachers on 10-18-18