Inservice Points

All Palm Beach County employees can earn district in service points that can be used for different purposes.

Employees can now access and print their in-service points from their own computer!
Click the link below to learn how to use this new PeopleSoft feature.

Self-Service In-Service Points Information

Temporary Educator’s Certificate

  • Teachers on temporary certificates can not use points for recertification, with the exception of ESOL points; however, points accrued through inservice activities reflect professional development received.

Professional Educator’s Certificate

  • Points can be used for renewal of a five-year professional certificate as long as they were earned during the validity period of the prior professional certificate, with the exception of ESOL and Reading points.
  • Coursework to obtain the ESOL and Reading Endorsements earned during the validity period of a professional certificate can be banked for future use. ESOL points earned while on a temporary certificate may be used to renew the first professional certificate.