Renewal Requirements

Renewing a Professional Certificate

School District employees should renew their certificate through the District Certification Office.

Retirees or individuals not currently employed by the School District of Palm Beach County must apply directly to the Florida Department of Education to renew a certificate. Applications are available online at

Types of Renewal Credit

In-service Points: 120 in-service points earned during the five-year validity period of the certificate renews five or fewer areas on your certificate, excluding endorsements. If you have more than five subjects, not including endorsements, additional renewal credit may be required.

In-service points or the equivalent can be earned through the following:

  • Attending district professional development opportunities.
  • Completing six (6) credit hours of course work at an accredited college or university. Course work must reflect a grade of “C” or better. Submit an official college transcript when using this method for renewal.
  • Passing a Florida Subject Area Exam specific to the coverage on the certificate to be renewed is the equivalent of sixty in-service points.
  • Teaching a college level course at an acceptable institution may be accepted the same as credit earned for the course.

A combination of the above can be used.

A valid certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards specific to the coverages to be renewed will renew the entire certificate.

Submit the completed and signed application, method of renewal as listed above, and $75 fee to the Certification Office.