Temporary Educator's Certificate

A Temporary Educator’s Certificate is valid for three years. During that time, teachers must complete all requirements listed on the Official Statement of Status of Eligibility in order to be eligible for a Professional Educator’s Certificate.

Official Statement of Status of Eligibility

This letter comes from the Florida Department of Education and is your personal road map to obtaining a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate. The Statement lists requirements specific to you and your certification.

  • Read it carefully.
  • Know the testing and course work requirements.
  • Keep it in a safe place.
  • Contact the certification analyst for answers to questions.

General Knowledge Test

If you hold a Temporary Educator’s Certificate you must pass the General Knowledge Test in your first full year of teaching. This requirement will be listed on your Statement of Eligibility.

You must pass the four parts of the test and submit passing scores to the District Certification Office
by June 30 of the current school year.

Reminders for Teachers on Temporary Educator’s Certificates

  • Know your course work requirements and options for completing the requirements.
  • Register and take the Subject Area Test.
  • Register and take the Professional Education Test.

Online registration for tests is available at, www.fl.nesinc.com.